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BuyNearby is an online service that connects consumers with nearby retail stores carrying the items they are looking for.

As the first online platform built specifically for local commerce, we enable retailers and brands to increase their local product visibility online and drive store visits and sales.

How much does LastMile cost to use?

LastMile is free to use for consumers!

How accurate are your listings?

Our listings reflect what’s really in a local store. This is because we work directly with retailers and their suppliers to ensure that our sources of inventory data are accurate and up-to-date.

In rare cases where we may not have perfectly accurate information on what a retailer has in store, we use clear and distinct availability statuses to avoid confusion. For example in cases where a retailer stocks certain items their warehouse for order, we will note “available for order” instead of “in stock”.

I went to my local store and they have some products in the store that aren’t on their LastMile page – what gives?

Although LastMile usually mirrors a store’s real world inventory, we’re only as good as the data each retailer provides. If the data we are given is not complete, we will list what we are provided as long as it is in-stock.

Why can’t I find a nearby product/ brand / store on the site?

LastMile is focused on maintaining a high quality service as we grow our footprint of locations and retailers. If you’d like to see LastMile come to a store or neighborhood near you, please email us at We may even send you some free LastMile swag.

Why are some retailers “sponsored”?

In addition to retailers, LastMile also works with brands, distributors, and franchise stores to create local availability listings on our platform. As part of these relationships, LastMile will sometimes create listings pages on behalf of a store that sells a brand’s product but is not a direct client of LastMile.

To distinguish these brand clients from a typical LastMile retail client, LastMile will always include a “sponsored” indicator and explanatory text making it clear what brand or entity the listings are affiliated with.

Please be aware that these agreements are usually structured to only include the brand or distributor’s specific set of products, and therefore will not represent a store’s full inventory.

How come different stores have different purchase and communication options?

We respect our retailers’ choices about what is best for their business and operations. Accordingly, we allow them to decide which LastMile services and features they choose to make use of.

What personal information do you collect and how is it used?

We take privacy and transparency very seriously and believe in providing full disclosure regarding what personal info we collect and how it’s used or shared.

You can read our privacy policy or contact us directly for full details.

What if I still have questions?

Please email us at or call us at 212-390-8158. We’d appreciate the opportunity to hear your feedback and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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If you have any questions about anything related to how LastMile handles privacy, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Sales Inquiries

If you are a retail store, brand or distributor that is interested in learning more about how LastMile can help increase your local visibility and sales, please email us at


LastMile actively partners with retail technology and service providers to connect our retail clients and consumers on the platform with best-in-class retail oriented offerings.

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